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Portafina Champion The Need For More Awareness of Diabetes

Portafina, a pensions company located in Kent, is paving the way in the efforts to bring more awareness of diabetes and raising money to help fund research into treatments.

Diabetes is a chronic illness that over four million people are thought to be affected by within the UK, and it is a subject that is close to home for Portafina’s managing director, Jamie Smith Thompson. Mr. Smith Thompson’s daughter has type one diabetes, so he knows only too well the effect it can have on a person’s everyday life. Passionate about the cause, Mr. Smith Thompson and the staff at Portafina have set up a series of fundraising events to raise money and awareness of diabetes, and are working alongside JDRF, the world’s leading charity funder of diabetes research.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that involves the body’s production of insulin, a key hormone that enables cells to use glucose as fuel. Type one diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not make any insulin or only small amounts. Type two diabetes is when the body does not use the insulin it does have in the proper way. Both types result in glucose being prevented from entering cells, so it builds up in the blood and causes a number of serious health issues if left unchecked.

Type one is the rarest form and typically begins in childhood. There are approximately 20,000 children under the age of fifteen who have type one diabetes in the UK. Type two usually occurs in adults, with those being overweight at a higher risk of developing the disease. Type two is mostly managed through diet and lifestyle choices, as well as medication.

JDRF is confident about the future of diabetes treatment and believes that better treatments can be developed and that a cure will be found. To reach that breakthrough though, more funding is needed.

Portafina staff have already raised over £1000, thanks to their Ride to Cure Diabetes 2018 cycling event, and donations can still be made through Portafina's Just Giving page. But now, they are asking for help from the wider community, and asking for anyone who is interested in helping to raise funds in any way to get in touch via Portafina's Facebook page or other social media accounts. You can also share the cause on your own social media pages, and help spread the word about this issue.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to be part of something great, and by working together, more funds will be raised to support research into diabetes.

Diabetes affects a person’s quality of life, both in the symptoms it presents and also the daily management and medications required in order to stay feeling well. The good news is that scientists are looking into new treatments, and we could only be a few steps away from finding a cure, making diabetes a disease of the past. So, join Portafina and JDRF to help to raise awareness and funding for this debilitating health issue.

For further info, please head to their Twitter (@Portafina UK), Portafina Linked In page or Portafina Youtube page.